Security Tips for High Income Households

\"Expensive-Houses-image\"You may think that your neighborhood is much safer than some of the communities often shown in the crime report on the news, and it probably is. However, studies have shown that burglary rates in high income neighborhoods can be just as high as those in low income areas.


The main difference between the burglary that occurs in high income areas as opposed to low income is the type of criminal. In high income areas the criminal tends to have a greater knowledge of how to remain undetected and will probably be looking for things like art, jewelry, and cash. There are many ways to prevent these burglars from entering your home.


1.  Organize a neighborhood watch: the more eyes looking out for suspicious activity, the less crime there is going to be.

2.  Install a home security system: burglars will often be aware that there is a system installed and will stay away from your home.

3.  Use your home security system: many people have the system installed but do not arm it regularly. During the night or while you are away from you home it is important that you arm your system and allow it to do its job.

4.  Home security cameras: cameras can be installed inside and outside of you home to allow you to remotely monitor your home and capture any suspicious activity.

5.  Purchase a safe: keeping your valuable items in a safe will make it more difficult for burglars to access them. Although some safes can be broken in to, it is still another obstacle that the burglar may not be able to crack.

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