Keeping Your Children Safe

\"monitoring_your_sitter\"You purchase a security system to keep your family safe when you sleep at night and your home protected while you’re away, but what about when the kids are home alone? Your security system can help keep them safe during the day also. Of course, these options don’t replace proper childcare, but it is very convenient for older children who stay home during the day in the summer.


Armed & Monitored Burglar Alarm:
When the children are at home alone, they can feel safe with an armed security system that will sound if an intruder enters the home.  They will also know that the monitoring station will dispatch the police and call you in the event an emergency occurs.


Remote Control Devices:
The Total Connect Application can be installed on your phone to help you remotely monitor what goes on in your home. This application will tell you if your system is armed and can be used to arm and disarm the system if you or your children forget.


Camera Surveillance:
Want to keep an even closer eye on your children?  Cameras can be installed inside or outside of your home in order for you to better monitor activity. Remote monitoring can be set up so you have access to these views from wherever you are. We can help you design a camera system that meets your needs.


Fire and Gas Protection:
Of course, protecting your children from fires and gas leaks is also imperative. You want to have properly functioning systems that will warn both you (in a remote location) and the children occupying the house of any problems.


These security features make it is easy to keep track of what is going on in your home and also give your children peace of mind when you’re not there.

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