How To Save On Homeowner\’s Insurance

\"homeowners-insurance\"Installing a monitored home security system, including burglary devices and fire safety devices, can help to reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance. Just like being a good driver sometimes allows you a reduction in automobile insurance, being a responsible homeowner can also decrease your insurance costs.


According to, installing security systems in your home can automatically save you five to twenty percent on your homeowners policy. This is based on the findings from a February 2011 study that the Electronic Security Association conducted with the ten largest insurance companies that offer homeowner policies.


Why do these discounts exist? Simply put, having a security system, especially one that monitors for burglary and fire, helps protect your home and reduces your risk level.  A study carried out by Temple University claims that “an alarmed single family home is more than 60 percent less likely to be burgled than a similar home without an alarm.” This means that the insurance company is about that much less likely to have to pay for property damage or loss due to theft or fire.


There are even situations in which certain insurance companies require homeowners to have monitored security systems with fire protection in order to be insured. 


Security systems are not without their costs, but it is possible that the discounts in insurance could cover the cost of the monthly monitoring. With an alarm system installed, not only will your home will be secure but you will be saving drastically on your insurance.

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