Four Tips for Preventing False Alarms

\"Police\"According to Annapolis, MD Chief of Police Michael Pristoop, from January to November of 2008, the Police Department responded to 3,566 alarm calls, but only 16 of those generated a founded complaint. During the same period, 390 man-hours were used to respond to false alarm calls, and 331 addresses accounted for more than 2,300 of the calls.

False alarms incidents result in huge uncompensated costs to communities, divert first responder personnel from real emergencies and encourage complacency when answering calls – a problem that can cost lives!

Here are four simple steps that you can take to prevent false alarms in your home:

  • Keep all doors, windows and other openings locked at all times whether you are home or not. This will ensure that you are safe and that the wind or a pet does not accidentally push the door open.
  • Keep any objects such as coats, curtains, etc. away from the doorways and windows so they do not prevent the door or window from fully closing.
  • Teach the alarm instructions to anyone who uses the alarm and give them the password in case a mistake occurs. (Note, please do not write your access code numbers or password down where a person can easily retrieve them!)
  • Have a reliable neighbor or relative watch over your house and be the contact for the system provider or police when you are out of town.

In addition to the above, it’s important that your home alarm system be installed by a license professional, and that the technician who installs your system takes the time to fully explain its operation at the time of installation. If you have any questions about how your Petitbon Alarm system operates, you may contact us directly at (301) 858-0820

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