Easy Steps to Prevent Retail Loss

\"employee_theft\"Employee theft continues to be a serious problem in the retail industry. According to www.employeetheftsolutions.com, the FBI claims that employee theft is the fastest growing crime in America. It is estimated by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that 75% of employees steal from the workplace.


There are security solutions to this problem that is causing major loses for many businesses. These solutions include open and close reporting, cellular reporting, commercial access control systems, and camera surveillance.


The most simple and obvious solution is camera surveillance. The place of business can be monitored around the clock and suspicious activity can be viewed. However, cameras tend to be more helpful after the fact. If the employer hasn’t noticed anything is missing, they generally wouldn’t check the cameras as a precaution. The cameras will come in handy after the theft has been detected and evidence of the theft is needed.


Open and close reporting is a great way to keep track of employees, including when they enter and leave a place of business. When an employee arms or disarms the system, it logs not only the time, but also the name of the employee. This allows the business owner to know who is entering and leaving their establishment, when they are doing so, and if the system is being armed when employees leave for the day. This prevents employees from having undetected access before or after business hours.


A similar solution is a commercial access control system. These systems allow you to control who can enter your place of business and when. The employee is required to enter with a certain device (key fob, ID badge, etc…) and can be restricted from entering at certain times. This system coordinates with the burglar alarm as well.


Finally, cellular reporting can enhance all these solutions because it offers a way for the systems to communicate that cannot be tampered with as easily as a landline.


By implementing any of these solutions, you can protect your business from being damaged by employee theft. Contact Petitbon Alarm for details.

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