Cellular Monitoring

\"cellular-monitoring\"The key to a properly operating home alarm system is communication. Whether it be between the system and the resident or the system and emergency authorities, it is essential that your home alarm system have a way to communicate when it detects a problem. Intruders are often aware of this and find ways, including cutting the phone line and rendering it inoperable, to stop the system from communicating. In this case, your home alarm system is unable to notify you or the authorities of a problem.


A growing trend in residential communication involves getting rid of expensive landlines and relying completely on cell phones and other mobile devices. It saves money and tends to be more convenient. However, there is one major consequence of eliminating a landline – the home alarm system.


The solution to both of these problems is a cellular communicator. Cellular monitoring is a reliable and affordable alternative. This device can be used as a backup to your landline or as the sole communicator for your home alarm system.


Here at Petitbon Alarm, we offer the option of cellular monitoring. Contact us directly to explore this for your home.









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