Advantages of Video Doorbells During COVID-19

The video doorbell has become extremely popular within the last couple years, and the global pandemic we are all experiencing has amplified some benefits for this worthwhile product.

If you have a video doorbell, you know how valuable it is to be able to answer your door through your smartphone and talk to the person when you’re not at home. You get an alert, and you can see the person and speak to him or her using the camera’s app. Now more than ever, homeowners are using doorbell cameras while at home, to practice social distancing and to stay informed of what’s going on outside.

Here are a few ways video doorbells have become extremely useful during this unprecedented time:

See when packages arrive and keep an eye on them.
Use the app on your smartphone to tell your mailperson or a delivery driver where to leave a package and keep an eye on it until you are comfortable bringing it in.

Accept contactless food deliveries.
Multiple restaurants are offering contactless delivery, and you’ll be able to do the same for grocery and meal delivery services. Speak to the delivery person and let them know where to leave your food without having to answer the door.

Keep an eye on your neighborhood.
Unfortunately, some aren’t following social distancing guidelines, and you may find yourself concerned about unfamiliar faces near your home. Doorbell cameras are equipped with two-way audio so you can ask why someone is on your property and scare them off if necessary. The footage can also be saved to share with authorities if needed.

See loved ones.
Many people are staying healthy by taking a walk in the fresh air. If your kids miss their friends or you miss your neighbors or family, they can pop by for a chat through your video doorbell while on their daily walks (and hopefully vice versa if they have one).

Spread kindness.
Some thoughtful residents are leaving supplies and goodies on their porch for essential workers. You can put hand sanitizer, packaged snacks and other goods on your front porch and leave a note welcoming them to it and thanking them. Your doorbell camera’s motion detector will let you know they’re there, and you can see that they receive some goodies from safely indoors. They may even want to thank you, and you can speak to them right through the app.

We hope you’re utilizing your video doorbell for its numerous (and many previously unforeseen) benefits. If you have any questions about its use or functionality, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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