Understanding Crime

Understanding crimes and burglaries is the first step in prevention. Only a small percentage of crimes are planned and methodically acted on. The large majority of crimes and burglaries are opportunistic. Petitbon Alarm Company will consult with you so that your home and/or business is not an easy target.

Consider the following statistics provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigations:

85% of All Crime is Opportunistic

  • Youthful
  • Pairs or Gangs
  • Impaired (Drugs/Alcohol/Both)
  • Armed (Knives, Guns, Chains)
  • Night (Undercover & Darkness)
  • Dangerous
  • No Casing – They do not gather info
  • Easily Deterred

10% of Crime is Semi-Professional

  • 20-30 Years Old
  • Alone
  • Not Impaired
  • Not Armed (no weapons – to avoid armed robbery charges which result in stiffer penalties if caught and prosecuted)
  • Happen During the Day – Rings Door Bell
  • One or Two Hours Before Business Closing
  • Robbers Case or Gather Information Before the Robbery
  • Not Dangerous
  • Not Easily Deterred

5% of Crime is Professional