Security Tips for High Income Households

You may think that your neighborhood is much safer than some of the communities often shown in the crime report on the news, and it probably is. However, studies have shown that burglary rates in high income neighborhoods can be just as high as those in low income areas.   The main difference between the […]


Elderly Residents and Fire Hazards

Many of us worry about our parents, grandparents, and loved ones who continue to live on their own as they age. There are many hazards associated with elderly people living independently. One of the biggest hazards is fire. Older folks are more likely to unintentionally cause fires or create fire hazards in the kitchen and […]


Neighborhood Watch Groups

You’ve seen the signs for them around various neighborhoods, but have you ever considered actually starting a neighborhood watch group in your community? They are great way to ensure that your community is kept safe.   According to the National Crime Prevention Council a neighborhood watch group is an “Organized group of neighborhood residents who […]


Keeping Your Home Safe When Hiring Outside Contractors

If there is a job you need need done in your home, there is most likely someone you can hire to do it. Many projects including electrical work, roofing, cleaning and lawn care require an outside contractor to have access to your home. Sometimes this access is during hours that you are not home. If […]


Your Online Habits and Their Impact on Your Home Security

These days, social media has become second nature to many people. We don’t think twice before posting a status update or checking in to a restaurant on Foursquare. What we also don’t think much about is the risk associated with practically anyone knowing where you are at all times.   Posting something as simple as […]