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About Petitbon Alarm Company

History of Petitbon Alarm Company

Petitbon Alarm Company started in my kitchen in Crofton, Maryland, with my wife and I listening to a sales pitch from my college roommate.  He was trying to sell us an alarm system, and after hearing his explanation, something clicked.  I convinced my wife that we could start our own business using this model and help families at the same time by providing the peace of a mind of a security system.

We sold 5 alarms in 1991, and my wife told me we were heading to the poor house!  We kept the faith and pushed forward.  I added our business tagline, “Defense – A Family Tradition” to play off my father’s and my football careers.  We are both former linebackers, and he, more notably, was the Redskins’ Defensive Coordinator.  The name recognition gave me—the crazy salesman that showed up at your door—a little more credibility.

When we began doing enough business to have a full time technician, we hired Ted Bird.  Two years later, we hired Lou Bodmer.  Ted and Lou are still with Petitbon Alarm today!  As you might guess, we have low turnover and experienced technicians.  We don’t learn how to install alarms at the customer’s expense.

We have since grown our company to over 3,000 clients, providing peace of mind to homeowners, corporations, small mom & pop businesses, government agencies and places of worship.

Our core beliefs lie in our Petitbon Advantages:

  • No monitoring contracts
  • We cover false alarm fees caused by installation or equipment
  • You own the equipment which is non-proprietary so you’re not locked in
  • No rate increases on current customers since 1991

These policies are a result of my belief in the Golden Rule.  I wanted to treat my customers as I want to be treated.

  • I don’t like long term contracts, so I shouldn’t make my customers sign one.
  • I don’t like my monthly expenses being raised every year, so I don’t want to do that to my clients.
  • I want the companies I do business with to take responsibility for their work, so that’s why we cover false alarm fees caused by equipment or installation error.
  • Finally, an alarm company shouldn’t install equipment that no other company can work on.  This locks in the customer no matter how unsatisfied they are with the company.  You can fire Petitbon Alarm at any time. You have the security and flexibility of knowing you can find another company to work on your alarm if you’re unhappy with us.

I’ve had fellow business associates call me “crazy” for never raising fees and not locking customers into contracts.  I believe these advantages set my company apart from the rest.  The advantages, along with our excellent customer service and knowledge, are the reason most of our business comes from repeat business and referrals.

Today Petitbon Alarm Company is a well respected industry leader that hasn’t forgotten its roots.  I, for one, couldn’t be more proud.

Richie Petitbon


Understanding Crime & Security

Understanding Crime

Understanding how crimes and burglaries occur is an important part of prevention. Consider some of the statistics and how they may apply to your home or business. Petitbon Alarm Company can further educate you on the best prevention methods so that your home or business won't be an easy target.

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Since 1991, we are your locally-owned and operated solution for burglar alarms, security systems, and audio systems for home and business. Discover what over 3,000 local customers already know: At Petitbon Alarm, "Defense is a Family Tradition!"

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There really is more to purchasing an alarm than just getting the final product in record time and at the lowest cost. Before you purchase an alarm system, consider what Petitbon Alarm Company provides.

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