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Commercial Security

Commercial and Retail Security System Monitoring Systems

Our security systems are all monitored using only the best U.L. Certified Monitoring Station for your security - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Petitbon Alarm Company provides expert advice and installation of a complete line of biometric access control systems and fingerprint reader products.

cell_communicator_monitor_smMonitored security alarm systems do three things--wake or alert you to an intrusion, make a noise to intimidate the intruder away and place a call for help. This call is normally placed over a landline phone line. Petitbon Alarm now offers a cellular communicator that can be used as a backup form of communication, in the event the phone line is out of service or has been cut or tampered with.

Petitbon Alarm Company specializes in electronic access control systems that help ensure only the right people have access to your business or property.

Petitbon Alarm Company offers security systems for every business size and tailors the system to your company's needs. There is no "one size fits all" system.

Fire Alarm System Design and InstallationPetitbon Alarm Company provides expert advice, design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of fire alarm systems. No fire alarm system is too big or too small.  We are experienced in every aspect of fire alarm design and installation.  Life safety is our top priority.

Petitbon Alarm Systems provides consulting, installation, and service on a variety of Flow and Tamper Switches

Open Close Systems

Open & Close Reporting helps business owners and managers track when their business is being opened and closed - and who is opening and closing the business.

Retail and Commercial Surveillance CamerasMonitor inventory, employees, vandals and burglars with closed-circuit television (CCTV). From 1 to 100 camera systems, we've done them all!

Petitbon Alarm Company provides Security Identification (ID) Badge Systems for commercial and government buildings including multiple zones within a single facility, as well as across multiple facilities.

Sprinkler Monitors

We install Flow & Tamper Switches and monitor your spinkler system 24 hours a day through our U.L. Listed Monitoring Station.

Understanding Crime & Security

Understanding Crime

Understanding how crimes and burglaries occur is an important part of prevention. Consider some of the statistics and how they may apply to your home or business. Petitbon Alarm Company can further educate you on the best prevention methods so that your home or business won't be an easy target.

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Since 1991, we are your locally-owned and operated solution for burglar alarms, security systems, and audio systems for home and business. Discover what over 3,000 local customers already know: At Petitbon Alarm, "Defense is a Family Tradition!"

Video Surveillance

Petitbon Video Surveillance Options

Petitbon Alarm Co. offers a wide range of video surveillance camera systems for home, business, and institutional uses.

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The Package

There really is more to purchasing an alarm than just getting the final product in record time and at the lowest cost. Before you purchase an alarm system, consider what Petitbon Alarm Company provides.

The Petitbon Package

What's in the Package?

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