The Petitbon Advantage

We Love Referrals!

There really is more to purchasing an alarm than just getting the final product in record time and at the lowest cost. Below we have listed some of our qualifications that you may want to consider before purchasing your alarm system.

  • Petitbon Alarm Co. - The PackageA Creative and Qualified Staff

    Our years of dedication to quality alarm design protect you from wasting time and money on poor design, inferior materials, and incompetent workmanship.

  • Petitbon Alarm Co. - The PackageProper Permits

    Before your alarm is installed, we obtain the necessary permits. Each county, city, and municipal area typically has their own permit/code requirements. Petitbon Alarm Co. is current with the permitting process of every area we work in – saving you the hassle so that your alarm will meet or exceed all local codes.

  • Petitbon Alarm Co. - The PackageTotal In-House Company

    Affords us total control when it comes to important aspects such as installation and monitoring. It is no wonder why our product guarantees are clearly counted among the best in the industry.

  • Petitbon Alarm Co. - The PackageAssurance

    All of our alarm systems are U.L. Certified. We are fully licensed and insured with workman’s compensation, property damage, and liability insurance for your protection and ours!

  • Petitbon Alarm Co. - The PackageInstallation and Service

    A professional installation along with reliable service afterwards is a key ingredient to maintaining your peace of mind. Every time you call Petitbon Alarm you will get a live voice – not a recording. We have a short response time for service appointments along with 24-hour technical support.

  • Petitbon Alarm Co. - The PackageAccountability

    We are members of The National Burglar Fire Alarm Association and have an “A” Rating from Better Business Bureau.